Online Tests

Our Naplan focused tests are available for Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy


Reading tests are based on three or four comprehensions and students need to complete them in a specific time.

Language Conventions

Language Conventions tests help students evaluate their Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar. These tests should be completed in a specified time.


Numeracy tests help students to measure their abilities in geometry, time, statics, probability, measurements etc...
These tests should be completed in a specified time.


Monitor performance and progression in Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy. Test results are emailed, and parents can help students achieve their goals.

Application Features

bigPlan application is made by observing the NAPLAN online portal. So you will be confident to tackle your test with confidence.

Question Types

  • Select one or multiple.
  • Single and multiple dropdowns.
  • Multiple True or False question.
  • Keyword answers.
  • Drag and drop single or multiple answers.
  • Drag and arrange answers.
  • Click words or phrases in text.
  • Split screen for reading.
  • Online Ruler and Protractor.
  • Online Calculator

User Features

  • Free 7 Days with subscription.
  • Two Students for one Subscription.
  • Free Sample tests.
  • Reporting progress.
  • Students can login using StudentID.
  • Touch enebled and works on Tablets and IPads.
  • Test results are emailed.
  • Unsubsribe anytime without commitment.
  • Manage students and their grades.
  • Reassign the test to students.

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